Private Instruction

Little Tigers

Our classes are safe and fun and focus on effective self-defense training which we feel is important but not as important as having the students understand that their Martial Arts is only to be used as a method of preventing someone from physically harming them. Through the Martial Arts movements, our children will improve their balance, flexibility and strength levels.

(Ages 4-6)  At Georgetown Martial Arts , our Little Dragons programs are designed to help your child explore the Martial Arts while providing a safe, fun and exciting atmosphere.
 Our goal for this age group is to help them develop their coordination, balance and focus through understanding and performing their Martial Arts movements.


(Ages 7-11)  At Georgetown Martial Arts, our Juniors classes are designed to instill Discipline, Respect and Self-Control. We, at Georgetown Martial Arts, feel it is  very important to help them understand these rules and help them apply these rules in everyday situations.