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At Georgetown Martial Arts, we provide you and your family with the highest quality martial arts training. We pride ourselves on professionalism and invite everyone to participate in many of our fun and exciting martial arts programs. Our priority is to help all of our students reach their personal goals.

All of our martial arts programs are designed to be both mentally and physically stimulating, with the aspects of Discipline, Respect, and Self-Control playing a very important role in our curriculum. Our martial arts programs will help increase body strength, conditioning and flexibility through the teaching of an effective method of self-defense.

Here at Georgetown Martial Arts, our ultimate purpose is to teach skills to our students which build their self-confidence, enabling them to interact successfully in both private and public arenas. We assure you that the safety of our students is our top priority at all times. We would like to invite you to take this opportunity to try out one of our many programs and to personally experience the unique teaching of martial arts at Georgetown Martial Arts.



   12 Old Mill Rd.
Redding, CT 06896